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QTP Training

List of Topics
1. Introduction To Automation
2. To Automate, or not to Automate
3. Fundamentals of QuickTest Professional (QTP)
4. Add-ins in QTP
5. Various Licenses Used In QTP
6. What do we mean by Objects?
7. How does QTP identify objects?
8. Mandatory and Assistive Properties
9. Ordinal Identifiers
10. Concepts of Object Repository
11. Local vs Shared Object Repository
12. Check Points and what are those
13. Types of checkpoints
14. Assignment
End of Day1 Training

1. Day1 Assignment discussion/Questions and Answers
2. Using Regular Expressions in checkpoints
3. Object Spy
4. GetTOProperty vs GetROProperty
5. Writing Custom Checkpoints
6. Reporting a step with reporter events.
7. Custom Checkpoints – Examples
8. What are actions? Types of Actions
9. Ways To Call Actions
10. Action Library and Driver Script Parameters.
11. Types of Parameters
12. Environment Variables
13. Using Global and Action data sheets.
14. Assignment
End of Day2 Training

1. Day2 Assignment discussion/Questions and Answers
2. Debugging QTP Scripts
3. Breakpoints and Step Method
4. Smart Identification
5. Base Filter and Optional Filter Properties
6. Analyzing Test Results
7. Should you use Smart Identification?
8. Automation Frameworks
9. Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Frameworks
10. Introduction to VBScript.
11. Common Errors while working on VBScript with QTP
12. DataTypes, Variables, Constants
13. Conditional Statements, Looping Statements
14. User defined and Built-In functions in QTP
15. Handling Dynamic Objects
16. Handling Dynamic WebTables
17. Coding Standards
18. Assignment.
End of Day3 Training

1. Day3 Assignment discussion/Questions and Answers
2. Analyzing Options under Tools Menu
3. Performance Optimization with WITH Statements
4. Run Modes in QTP
5. Integrating QTP with Quality Center
6. Low Level Recording/Analog Recording/Virtual Objects
7. Introducing the third ordinal identifier
8. Adding Synchronization Points
9. Adding Transactions
10. Descriptive Programming
11. Create recovery scenarios
12. Associate a recovery scenario with a test
13. Assignment
End of QTP Training

Extra Lessons

1. All About Regular Expressions
2. 3 Ways of Retrieving Data in QTP
3. Folder Structure of a QTP script
4. QTP 11 – Visual Relation Identifier
5. 9 points to note with QTP 11 and Firefox browser

If any person thinks this is lot for Four Days I can divide the classes into more classes. Training will start soon for these classes For the details contact Thomas Vinod : + 91-7799059289

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