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Overview of SeeTestAutomation – Mobile Automation Testing Tool

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Mobile applications are being used for just about everything. Among the biggest players in this industry are large enterprises. Every business aims to deliver the most cutting edge version of their mobile application to an ever growing audience of mobile users.

Mobile applications work on multiple platforms, and over all main mobile operating systems. Testing these mobile applications to work flawlessly on multiple device, operating systems, and versions of each requires mobile test automation. A mobile automation testing tool enables the DevOpsteam who built the app to test it faster, while covering a larger test coverage area in the process.

Benefits of SeeTestAutomation:

SeeTestAutomation is among the top tier of mobile test automation tools. It has cross-platform capabilities developed and supported by Experitest to automate native, hybrid and mobile web applications running over Android, iOS, WindowsPhone, and Blackberry. In the last few years SeeTestAutomation has become a leading tool in the market to test the quality of an application. SeeTestAutomation is tested on simulators, emulators, and real devices.

SeeTestAutomation streamlines the automation script process by allowing you to plug in your mobile device, or reserve one from the cloud, and see a reflection of that device on your desktop screen. You launch the app, and perform the steps you wish to test by manipulating the reflection like you would use your mobile device, but this time with your keyboard and mouse.

As you perform a step, SeeTestAutomation will record the step as part of the test script. Once you are done executing the function you wish to test, SeeTestAutomation will have created a full test script. You can then edit the script to include if/then statements or loops. You can also export the script into other testing environments and programming IDE’s. SeeTestAutomation supports Java, C#, Selenium, QTP, UFT, Vugen, Microsoft Visual provigil online buy Studio, IBM RFT, SmartBearTestComplete, Java, Pearl, Python, and Ruby.


Advantages of Using SeeTestAutomation:

There are various advantages of using SeeTestAutomation for mobile application testing:

  • Easy to script –The ability to create scripts by “using” your app makes the process simpler.
  • Easier to resolve bugs and issues –SeeTestautomatically captures logs and information during the bugs report, and automatically attaches to your “Defect Management Solution” (f.e JIRA or Quality Center) device logs, incident video and a full detailed report with screenshots and description that allow developers to reproduce and resolve the issues faster.
  • Runs over all mobile devices and operating systems –You just need one tool to handle your entire test coverage.
  • Enables cloud access – You can rapidly scale up your test automation by running your scripts over a large pool of mobile devices based in SeeTestCloud.
  • Compatible with all major mobile testing environments – Your test scripts can be converted into scripts for Selenium, QTP, Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM RFT, SmartBearTestComplete, Java, Pearl, Python, and Ruby.
  • Works with functional and non-functional testing –Virtualize memory and CPU stress conditions on your mobile device, or simulate the network connection. SeeTestAutomation integrates with HP LoadRunner and allows load and performance end-to-end testing scenarios.
  • Continuous Integration (CI) compatible –SeeTestAutomation fully integrates with a variety of CI tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Hudson, Quality Center and many more.


SeeTestAutomation is a vital part of any end to end mobile application testing process. Experitest aims to make the transition from manual to automation as painless as possible by offering support for installation, integration into current systems, and troubleshooting along the way. With its flexibility to other DevOps platforms and all mobile devices and operating systems, SeeTestAutomation is an optimal tool for establishing or enhancing your mobile test automation.


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