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How to integrate Quality Center (QC) & QuickTest Professional (QTP)?

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About Quality Center (QC) and QuickTest Professional (QTP):

Quality Center is a comprehensive test management tool which is a web-based repository for all testing assets. As mentioned it is a web-based tool and supports high level communication and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers, Testers etc.). It help in driving a more effective and efficient global application-testing process. Click here if you want to install Quality center 11 aka Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

QuickTest Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. It is pivotal in the areas of smoke/sanity tesing, regression testing, functional testing and other testing areas.

Automation Tools like QTP, Win Runner and Load Runner can be integrated with Quality Center.  You can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test processes.To ensure comprehensive testing of your application, you typically must create and run many tests. HP QC can help you organize and control the tetsting process. In this article, you will learn how to integrate QTP with QC following HP best practices. Designing the integration and setting up QC for integration provide keys to success.

Top 5 advantages of integrating QTP with QC:

  • Mapping manual test cases to automation
  • Version tracking of automation suite
  • Scheduling of test suite from QC
  • QTP resource storage
  • One repository of the entire automation reusable framework

Now the integration…

The following are the Key points to understand in this area are:

  • Add-in requirement
  • Configuration required
  • Connecting to QC Project from QTP

How to integrate Quality Center (QC) & QuickTest Professional (QTP:
Have you read the First part of this article?
Add-in requirement
1.If you are running the tests on the same computer where you have QC client installed, then you will need:

  • QTP Connectivity Add-In
  • QTP Add-in

2.If you are running the tests on the different computer than where you have QC client installed, then you will need:

  • QTP Add-in where QC client is installed.
  • QTP Add-in and QC connectivity Add-in where QTP is installed.
  • QC connectivity can be found at QC server URL > Add-Ins Page link > QC Connectivity link > Download Add-in
  • QTP Add-in can be found at QC server URL > Add-Ins Page link > More QC Add-ins link > Download and install QTP Add-in according to its version.

Configure QTP for connectivity:

  • Open QTP.
  • Go to Tools>Options>Run>Check Allow other HP Products to run test and component checkbox option.


Connecting to QC from QTP
Steps to connect to QC Project from QTP:
1) Open QTP
2) Go to File > Quality Center Connection
3) Quality Center Connection- server connection dialogue box comes up>give QC URL in server URL field > Click connect tab
4) Give your QC user name and password > click Authenticate button
5) After Authentication is complete > click Login button


We can connect to QC through QTP using File > Quality Center Connection.
Check the box marked ‘Reconnect to server on start-up



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