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Importance of Software Testing in the Tech World

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We have reached a stage in human evolution where we can safely say that it is the various software used by service providers corporations that rule the world. Software companies spend a lot of money and manpower in creating software that satisfies the requirements that were specified by their clients which include individuals or enterprises. Along with the development of software, these companies are also required to ensure that the software performs as desired by the client. Like any other product that is manufactured, software can also have defects in the form of bugs in the program and they need to be tested rigorously before deploying. If the software does not perform as promised the company will face loss of its reputation in the market. Software testing can include general testing, load testing, functional testing, and regression testing.

General testing is a test that is carried out to ensure the functionality of the new software. The usual parameters that are tested include web performance and usability testing. The performance of an application online is the factor that is tested in general testing. The usability of the software in a given set of circumstances is also tested in order to help the engineers understand the areas where there is a scope of improvement. The general testing is a very important step that not only helps in testing the software and assessing the ability of the development team but also ensures that the end product that reaches the client is according to the specifications set by him.

Load testing is also a software testing process that checks the impact on the software during periods of higher than normal load. This is done by simulating operating conditions that exceed the normal load than what is prescribed for the software. This is different from stress testing in the fact that it checks the operational capabilities in normal and high load capacities while the stress testing checks the capabilities in events where errors are induced in normal operations. Load testing helps the developer gauge the multi-user support capabilities of the software. Load testing is very useful because it can find out the reasons for low performance.

Functional testing is done by identifying the functions of the software and creating input data that matches the identified function. The output is also determined and it is compared with the expected output. The obtained output and expected output are compared. Regression testing is performed to identify the bugs that are present in the functional and non functional areas of a system. It is done to ensure that using a patch or upgrade will not lead to the introduction of a new bug into the system. Repeated regression testing needs to be done to ensure that the software is glitch free during operation. Each of these testing methods has been designed to ensure that the software that reaches the client is as perfect as possible and satisfies the client to the maximum. They are an unavoidable part of quality assurance of software products in today’s world.


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